Pamela Aubrey

Podcast Host | Author | Artist

My Story

I free people from the bondage of their story and the tyranny of childhood abandonment and trauma and create their Generational Legacy Blueprint.
I’m the owner of Rising Innergy and use science based modalities to serve individuals who have experienced abandonment early in life to release the trauma and experience freedom from suffering.
After many years of dealing with the loss of my own birth parents, a lack of bond with my adoptive parents, health issues and consequent toxic relationships as an adult, I help others come to a deep understanding of the role of these experiences in their life and what is required to shift them from a place of pain to empowerment.

As a podcast host, one of my biggest joys is sharing the victories of others who have overcome challenges and risen to new levels of joy, fulfillment and peace in their lives.

My business and network has grown exponentially over the past year, I have aligned with numerous Influencers, trained with the worlds top mindset coaches, and have interviewed over 30 of the world’s top experts in the mindset space, including Dan Clark, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen, Julie Jones Hamilton, Lynn Kitchen and more.

My social media following grew to thousands of viewers in 2020 and I continue to grow my vision through my two podcasts, The PA System and Rainbows and Real Life.